Frameless shower doors are gaining in popularity because they make small bathroom spaces look larger, and they blend in with any style of tub, flooring, or decor. Most shower doors are made of tempered glass that is three eighths of an inch thick, although thickness can vary. There are several styles of frameless shower doors, such as those that are hinged off a return panel, have a return panel on the tub deck, have a removable transom, or have towel bars built into them. They can be purchased in standard designs, or custom made to order. Glass can be etched, colored, tinted, or frosted.

Some doors can be purchased online at discounted prices, and then delivered to the home. That may save money initially, but it does leave the issue of shower door installation. If homeowners know someone who is experienced in frameless shower door installation, there is no problem. If the homeowner is handy with tools, and relishes the challenge of trying to install a frameless shower door, instructions are available from a number of sources. The internet has sites that provide free demonstrations and instructions for doing all types of home repairs and improvements. Libraries have books and magazines that provide step-by-step instructions.

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The techniques are precise, so directions have to be followed carefully. The door cannot be placed on hard surfaces, such as tile, metal, concrete, bare flooring, or marble. Plastic shims are used to cradle the door in place. Basic things to do before starting the project include getting someone to help you, wear safety glasses, and video on installing a shower door gather all tools needed. It is important to measure carefully, use a level at every step, and let adhesives or silicone dry before moving to the next step. Once the door is installed, wait at least forty-eight hours before using the shower or tub. Be aware that it may take four or five days before the shower can be used, from start to finish.

Another option is to hire a professional with experience in shower door installation, installing frameless shower doors, and guaranteeing their work. The time and effort saved will be well worth the cost. Purchasing the enclosure at a store that offers installation may be the best, and most cost-effective, option. There is only one cost and one place to go. There is no time required tracking down an installer, setting up an appointment, and waiting to have everything installed. Homeowners can spend more time enjoying their new tub or shower enclosure.

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